Pittsburgh Landscape Design Company

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RJK Landscape Designs is a Pittsburgh based landscape design company, owned and operated by Landscape Designer, Ron Kotcho. We specialize in residential design, installation, and aftercare.



Ron Kotcho was born in Pittsburgh, Pa. in 1953. He is an accomplished landscape designer specializing in residential design, installation and aftercare.

In 2012, one of Ron's designs was chosen for inclusion in the Smithsonian's national archives of American gardens. His work has also been featured in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Shady Avenue magazine and the Pittsburgh Quarterly.

After living and studying in the Netherlands and Italy for four years, Ron received a Chancellors scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh where he graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Art History. After graduating, he worked for Medrad Inc. as International Marketing Manager. After traveling extensively in his position, Ron changed course and moved to Boulder, Co. to contemplate the meaning of existence. He concluded that, at the age of four, the day his mother gave him a Marsh Wheeling cigar box filled with marigold, zinnia and Morning glory seeds his destiny had been sealed. Thanks to the wisdom of his mother, the seeds of a lifelong passion for gardening and design had been sown. Today, marigolds and zinnia are a tough find in Ron's designs. The objective now is to create garden spaces that are balanced, cohesive, purposeful, inviting and compliment the architecture and the design site. Ron approaches each design as a living, growing work of art.

In his spare time, Ron enjoys doing art work. He works with various materials to create multimedia collages. He loves regional Italian food and is a cooking enthusiast.


Bob Demmler is a part time employee at RJK Landscape Designs. He has been involved in the Landscaping industry for nearly 15 years. While working and raising his two children he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Robert Morris University with a concentration in design. Bob works full time as a graphic designer lending time to RJK when he can. His eye for composition and his ability to lead have made him a valued member of the RJK team.

In his spare time, Bob is a martial arts practitioner/competitor, movie/tv buff, and a huge Star Wars fanatic.


Tim Kozub is a foreman and site supervisor at RJK Landscape Designs. Tim has over 16 years of experience in the landscaping industry. He has been a foreman or supervisor of lawn maintenance crews for a number of years. His experience, work ethic, and calming presence has made him a respected member of the RJK team.