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RJK Landscape Designs is a Pittsburgh based landscape design company, owned and operated by Landscape Designer, Ron Kotcho. We specialize in residential design, installation, and aftercare.


Below you can find a collection of reviews and thoughts from RJK friends, current, and past clients... Click the button below or you can visit our Google+ page to write a review!

Dear Ron and Staff,
I want to thank you and let you know how so very happy I am with the new landscaping you completed for me. When Bob removed all the weeds and the large weathered shrubs from the front yard, it was hard to picture the end result. But thanks to your attention to detail in the planning and your flower and planting expertise, your wonderful work, for me, has become a work of art and is bringing me beauty and happiness every day. I read this recently ‘Some people just plant flowers… and others shower them with love.’ How could that not be you!
— Sincerely, Sue Ragan

We fell in love with an old stone house that we lovingly referred to as “Grey Gardens,” because the yard was as overgrown and unkempt as those of the infamous Grey Gardens in NY. Ron shared our vision of what the property could eventually be, and now is. He worked to incorporate my husband’s desire for structure and my love of soft, flowery things into a balanced whole. He found the most gorgeous and unusual plants that I never imagined would thrive under the serious shade of our massive oak, pine and maple trees. We love his use of contrast in both texture and color, and we also love that our flowering plants roll in bloom from early spring until very late fall. Ron’s knowledge of what to plant where in the various and dauntingly difficult microclimates of our yard was astonishing and made us realize the incredible value of hiring a landscaper of his caliber. His staff is wonderful, and very knowledgeable as well. Our daunting Grey Gardens has given way to a lovely, welcoming setting for our home, and I especially love it when my neighbors call to tell me how much they love the new view they have!
— Wende Mate

I have been working with Ron for a couple of years as we improve the various areas around my home. He has the most wonderful vision. I am learning from Ron how to appreciate the dark spaces and other ways to frame and complement plants. He is a most generous and thoughtful gardener as he finds and suggests strong cultivars with less maintenance. Ron’s artistic and design talents along with his hard working staff (thank you Bobby, Tim and Sean!) are transforming my outside spaces into beautiful gardens.
— Pam Culbertson

Ron does absolutely stunning work. He and his talented staff bring about a sense of beauty and tranquility in any outdoor living space. Every square foot with each minute details has a purpose. One can can appreciate the mastery in unique design for his clients and subsequent implementation. Well done.
— Cathy DeStefano